Turn ESG ambition
into ESG action.

Find, implement, and measure portfolio-wide efficiency and decarbonization projects with AQ Analytics.

Aquicore’s impact in 2021


kWh saved


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asset value created

Your net zero action plan is here.

You’ve set a carbon target. Now what? If the path forward seems confusing, you’re not alone. Aquicore can help you clarify the right steps to take to achieve your portfolio improvement targets – and measure the impact of every action.

Capture and analyze data from every asset, without spreadsheets or manual readings.

Acquire accurate, high quality energy data from every asset in your portfolio, including triple-net assets. We support the widest range of data collection methods and have a dedicated data support team, so you can feel confident that you’re submitting the right numbers come reporting season.

Find energy- and emissions-savings opportunities, without the back and forth.

Aquicore uses analytics to find energy- and emissions-reducing projects across your portfolio, helping you chart a clear path to your targets. We predict the financial and environmental impact of every recommended project, so you can quickly and accurately forecast results.

Measure and verify project impact, without manual calculations.

Aquicore makes it easy to validate the impact of completed projects and apply successful initiatives to other assets in your portfolio.

Why we're different

Data Collection

Aquicore supports multiple data capture methods, giving you the widest and deepest view of facility ESG performance, and ensuring your data meets stakeholder reporting requirements.

Advanced ESG Analytics

Unlike most ESG reporting tools, Aquicore uses data science and machine learning to help you identify and implement projects that align with your corporate sustainability targets.

Building Actions,
Portfolio Impact

Unlike most smart building tools, Aquicore is designed to support entire real estate portfolios, connecting top-down ESG strategy with bottoms-up, asset-level execution.

Asset-Specific Projects

Portfolio Initiatives

Portfolio Target

Reduce Energy Consumptionby 30% by 2030

Capital Projects

(e.g. Chiller Replacements.Upgrades & Retrofits)

Operational Projects

(e.g. Holiday/Weekend RunAvoidance, Equipment Scheduling)

Programmatic Projects

(e.g. LED Lighting Upgrades, Onsite Solar, Tenant Engagement)
40% to Portfolio Target
30% to Portfolio Target
30% to Portfolio Target

Features at a glance

Automated Utility
Data Collection

Aquicore automatically collects and validates real-time meter, submeter and utility bill data from all assets in your portfolio, with built-in data quality measures that ensure your data meets stakeholder reporting requirements

Energy and Carbon
Intensity Calculations

Aquicore normalizes energy consumption by facility size (kWh/sq. ft; kg/sq ft), creating apples-to-apples comparisons across the portfolio so you can easily identify top- and low-performers.

Automated Project

Aquicore continuously scans building data against a library of curated building efficiency projects. We'll surface new energy- and emissions-savings opportunities that match your building’s bespoke conditions, and provide actionable steps for your onsite teams.

Project Measurement
and Verification

Easily and accurately measure and verify the environmental and financial impact of completed projects. Aquicore automatically estimates the impact of recommended projects and calculates the impact upon project completion.

ESG Target
Setting and Tracking

Aquicore allows you to set targets across key environmental and operational metrics. Track performance against consumption, carbon footprint, and demand in real time – without manual calculations or data entry.


Automatically sync data to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for benchmarking and reporting with our built-in platform integration.

Energy Consumption and
Spend Projections

Aquicore displays predicted energy consumption and spend from the meter to the portfolio level, factoring in historical energy consumption, weather, occupancy, and leasing hours.

Peak Demand and
Baseload Management

Aquicore applies analytics to your data to generate strategies for peak demand avoidance and baseload reduction, helping you maximize efficiency across your portfolio without jeopardizing tenant comfort.

Anomaly Detection and
Smart Alerts

Aquicore continuously scans your buildings for issues and anomalies and alerts onsite teams to take action. Custom escalation policies ensure onsite teams can triage effectively – and that nothing falls through the cracks.


Universal Building Efficiency Checklist

Our checklist of low- to no-cost measures can be applied at each building across your portfolio to significantly reduce consumption and help you hit your ESG and energy reduction targets.


State & Local Building Energy Standards

Taking inventory of all the building efficiency standards and programs nationwide can be challenging. To help you navigate the regulatory landscape, we’ve rounded up the building energy efficiency policies in key US regions.


The Annual ESG
Quick Start Guide

Transform your ESG program into a repeatable annual process. Our step-by-step guide for real estate professionals helps ground your ESG strategy and ensures you hit every major milestone.

Create ESG impact,
from portfolio to building.