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A New Milestone in the Evolution of Proptech

As we look to the future of Aquicore, newly combined with Entic, I am privileged to have the opportunity to usher in our next phase of growth. We're changing the way commercial real estate does business - integrating these organizations is just the start.

At Aquicore, we made the decision to acquire Entic because we saw a shared dedication to creating global impact through helping our clients connect to and understand the physical world.

I am proud of the work my team has done to take us from our scrappy beginnings, transforming Aquicore into a mature organization, capable of providing outstanding service to clients ranging from family-owned real estate organizations to industry juggernauts. The addition of Entic’s talent and deep analytical technology will help us accelerate that much faster. With complementary products, roadmaps, and teams, we are capitalizing on a wealth of synergies that will propel us into the future.

At a time when the commercial real estate industry is being exposed to new technologies like digital twins, artificial intelligence and IoT applications, we are at a critical moment where a historically slow-moving industry is making real strides into the future of asset operations. To stay competitive, asset managers must continue to demand more information, more data, and more tools to create operational excellence across their portfolios.

To meet these demands, we are building a powerful platform that helps our real estate clients work more effectively. We will continue to invest in machine learning and technology that provides data centralization and actionable recommendations to our clients. This necessitates bold innovation and close collaboration with our customers and partners; and in particular, it will require the continued passion of the talented individuals that make up the newly combined Aquicore team.

At Aquicore, we are devoted to creating more efficient, sustainable buildings by exploring the intersections between real estate and technology; IoT and machine learning; and providing outstanding customer experience.

Stay tuned. This is only the beginning.