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Aquicore Releases New Features for its IoT-driven Smart Asset Management Platform for Commercial Real Estate

WASHINGTON, APRIL 19, 2018 --Aquicore now offers new features for equipment management, tenant bill-back and enhancements to the platform’s user interface.

Aquicore, a leading provider of IoT-driven solutions for efficient commercial real estate building operations, today announced new features and enhancements for its cloud-based Command Center. The newest release, which includes new features for equipment management, tenant bill-back and enhancements to the platform’s user interface, makes it easier for executives, property managers and building engineers to get up and running on Aquicore’s platform and eases the integration of the platform into the daily operations of building teams.

The Aquicore Command Center is a portfolio-wide smart asset management platform that uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to compile real-time data from meters, submeters, equipment and sensors in buildings. It tracks, analyzes and predicts key building metrics such as energy and water use, air quality, budgets and more. By providing a high-resolution view of what’s happening inside commercial assets across a portfolio, the platform enables asset and property managers to make faster and more informed decisions to cut operating costs, increase energy efficiency and improve asset value.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average commercial building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes, in part because the commercial real estate industry has struggled to adopt technologies to improve operational and energy efficiency. Aquicore is the only national platform offering turn-key tenant billing and submetering solutions that are proven to reduce operational costs, improve tenant relations and optimize energy efficiency.

“The features we added this quarter are all about creating a frictionless, intuitive experience for our users,” said Mike Donovan, vice president of product at Aquicore. “Engaged teams are far more likely to achieve success with Aquicore, and these updates help them work in the Aquicore platform in ways that feel easy and natural.”

Key new features and updates to the Aquicore platform include:

  • Equipment Inventory: An updated inventory function makes it possible to map building meters and equipment in the Aquicore platform to eliminate loose excel sheets and lost records, keeping a central system of record of what’s happening in each building.
  • Bill-Back Anomaly Detection: Nothing is more painful than a sent invoice that results in a concerned client. The platform’s new anomaly detection adds another layer of protection to the billing process by automatically double checking for accuracy.
  • Tenant Billing: Updated workflows make reading meters and creating, approving and sending bills to tenants a breeze every month. The new feature also supports all the complex leasing structures that vary from state to state.
  • Tenant Management: Improved transparency tools streamline communication with tenants by breaking down utility consumption in easy-to-read reports.
  • Fresh Look: A simplified design makes it easier to use the Aquicore platform with fewer clicks and provides a more consistent experience across the platform.

With over 1,000 installations nationwide, Aquicore services more than 600 commercial buildings owned or managed by more than 80 institutional clients. For more information about the Aquicore platform, visit https://resources.aquicore.com/get-started-with-aquicore.

About Aquicore
Aquicore is the leading provider of IoT-driven solutions for efficient commercial real estate building operations. The only industry player to be built from the ground up as a portfolio-wide solution, its cloud-based smart asset management platform tracks, analyzes and predicts building data in real time to centralize key performance indicators in one place. The easy-to-use platform also facilitates more robust lines of communication among executives, property managers and building engineers with collaborative tools and shared targets. With self-installing IoT sensors, Aquicore provides the only asset management solution that can be deployed in a matter of days, instead of months. The Aquicore platform has been deployed at more than 600 office buildings nationwide, including the John Hancock Tower, Salesforce Tower, the National Press Building, the Promenade and NASCAR Plaza. Aquicore’s clients include Cushman & Wakefield, JBG Smith, Lincoln Property Company, MRP Realty, Under Armour, Facebook, The World Bank and Salesforce. For more information, visit http://www.aquicore.com and follow on Twitter @Aquicore.

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