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Celebrating National Intern Day

Summer is a very exciting time at AQ. Each year a new class of interns joins us, taking on special projects and helping us get it all done. In honor of National Intern Day, we decided to show some love to our 2019 class.

Get to know them:

Aisha Asghar, Finance Intern
Studies: Accounting at George Mason University
As Aquicore’s Finance intern, my responsibilities vary from everyday tasks such as receiving, reviewing, scanning, depositing, and matching of all incoming checks and invoices for the company to assisting the Director of Finance in month end procedures by analyzing financial statements and data. In addition to these responsibilities, this role allows me to develop the skills necessary to communicate and relay financial information to vendors and clients. I’ve also been given the opportunity to work with and become accustomed to some well-known platforms like Quickbooks and Salesforce, which I use regularly. 

Danny Ayele, Project Engineering Intern
Studies: Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester
As a Project Engineering Intern, my main focus is to resolve issues with hardware malfunctions, connectivity, and data quality by collaborating with onsite building engineers or property managers. Occasionally, I would go to our customer’s properties to troubleshoot these issues. Another one of my responsibilities is to research utility companies to learn about their pulse installation process. Aquicore needs to collaborate with these utility companies in order to receive data from their meters. Normally, I would contact their metering engineers to find out how we could install pulse capabilities on the meters and the costs associated with it.

Lilly Blake, Salesforce Analyst Intern
Studies: Economics at Georgetown University
As Aquicore’s Salesforce Analyst Intern, I’ve assisted in further implementing and developing the platform across the company. I am a part of the Program Management team, which supports the operations of every other team in their use of Salesforce. Because of this, I’ve gotten a comprehensive and granular look at what drives a successful startup. In addition to performing basic Salesforce tasks, I’ve also assisted in executive-level financial reporting, helped implement an entirely new marketing platform, and conducted market-based research on the commercial real-estate industry.

Maryum Fatmi, Product Analyst Intern
Studies: Information Systems and Operations Management at George Mason University
As a Product Analyst intern my responsibilities consist of focusing on important issues, the organization of those issues, and also conducting research on different cases. As Aquicore acquired Entic, there are many projects, issues and new ideas that need to be transferred over from Entic’s platform to the Aquicore platform, along with making sure Entic’s operations involve no error and are up to date. The role I demonstrate as a product analyst intern is that I make sure that these actions are performed efficiently, and focus on making sure the platform is up to date with new updated issues and projects involving the migration. I have also assisted with Urjanet with organizing and making sure accounts and their information are up to date, as well as accessible. I am happy that each day I enhance my knowledge more on my field and I also gain more insight and background on the Commercial Real estate industry, and Aquicore’s role. 

Al Nolasco, Data Quality Analyst Intern
Studies: Computer Science at George Mason University
As an analyst, my responsibility is to examine the processed data and locate any devices that underperform. My report is then passed to the support team to troubleshoot and resolve any issues. Additionally, I create test cases that help improve our data spike algorithms. 

Avery Novick, Project Operations Intern
Studies: Business Administration and Computer Science at American University
The primary responsibilities of a Project Operations intern are assisting with the daily operational tasks of Aquicore. While using online platforms like Salesforce and Unleashed, I have to keep track of inventory and ensure that orders are properly shipped to customers. When new products arrive, I have to properly configure and add them to the online inventory database (Unleashed) so that they are ready to ship to customers. I also assemble, program, and test products so that they are ready to be shipped and used by customers.

Caleb Wagner, Software Engineer Intern
Studies: Computer Science at George Mason University
The role of Software Engineer mainly focuses on Full-Stack Web Development. You work constantly with the front end, back end, and everything in between. The tasks given to you to solve are real world problems with software and the current product; these need to be fixed and are not just busywork. Everyday I work with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, Java, and React-Native. You must work with your fellow Full-Stack Developers to get the job done with team driven work-ethic. As a Software Engineer, you will work on bugs, features or anything related, with whole product team ready to help you. I work on the main Web App and the Mobile app. I have learned copious amounts of real world knowledge at Aquicore.