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Hey, Nice Assets ;)

Commercial asset management is a complex, multi-disciplined profession. It touches each of the many fields that are required to effectively manage a portfolio of commercial properties, necessitating an understanding of finance, project and personnel management, engineering and interpersonal relations.

That’s why we’re spending Valentine’s Day showing some love to the hardworking men and women who keep buildings running smoothly. Aquicore is a platform that seeks to centralize key performance indicators relevant to commercial asset managers’ work, as well as to the work of their subordinates. We provide a tangible benefit that enables asset managers and their teams to either perform their existing tasks with less work and more precision or to perform new tasks using our technology.

To do this, we espouse the five pillars of smart asset operations - financial, people, utility, equipment and environment. Each represents a crucial section of responsibility for the effective management of commercial assets.

Financial Performance

Deutsche Bank uses Aquicore to reduce budgetary uncertainty across its real estate portfolio. Our budgeting tools help building teams to track progress against monthly goals for spend, peak load, base load and utility consumption. Since working with Aquicore, Deutsche Bank has been close to or below its target utility budget almost every month.

People Performance

One of Aquicore’s core goals is to facilitate better internal communication, between engineers, property managers and asset managers; and external communication, between tenants and property teams. At Gallery Place, the Oxford Properties team used Aquicore to manage personnel more efficiently and to help tenants understand their bills.

Utility Performance

Normandy Real Estate Partners have rolled out Aquicore across nearly their entire regional portfolio and have used our utility management tools to reign in energy and water consumption. In one building, Normandy saved over $80,000 in the first year - a savings of $0.44 per square foot.

Equipment Performance

Equipment monitoring helps customers to avoid small expenses becoming larger ones. In one of its DC-area buildings, The Tower Companies was alerted to a faulty cooling tower over a long weekend thanks to Aquicore. Quick action averted the waste of 80,000 gallons of water and the resulting water damage that would have accompanied it.

Environmental Performance

Looking forward, Aquicore is working with partners on temperature, light and indoor air quality sensors to help building teams manage the indoor environment. Comfortable, well-lit buildings with good air quality are conducive to more productive work, happier tenants and reduced tenant churn.