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How Aquicore’s Latest Product Updates Help You Manage Your ESG Program

We are excited to announce a major product update that can help you manage your ESG program! As you know, there are many ESG metrics to capture, and they can vary by framework, but we think this latest update will allow you to easily roll up high-level portfolio-wide metrics and monitor your performance with ease.

In this article, we’ll talk through how our newest features can help you best manage your ESG program.

Do More, Click Less.

We’ve re-organized our navigation bar with one goal in mind: do more, click less.

Portfolio Navigation

With this update, you’ll find a brand new portfolio view that helps you stay on top of portfolio-wide energy and project performance and drill down to the building level to investigate further.

Monitor Your Electricity Consumption Across Your Entire Portfolio

At the top of the page, we’ve rolled up the most important and highest level metrics: total electricity use, number of projects completed, and the cumulative project impact. All of these metrics cover the trailing 12-month period and will help you quickly assess your annual energy performance and understand what you have done to reduce consumption. 

At the highest level, these metrics can also help your executives and site teams understand:

  1. How much energy you consumed and how performance compares to the previous 12 months
  2. What you did to reduce your consumption (i.e. projects completed), and
  3. The cumulative impact from completing the projects 

Compare Electricity Consumption Year-Over-Year

The Electricity Consumption Leaderboard allows you to do the following:

  1. Group Buildings

You can use the building group feature to categorize your buildings into custom groupings (e.g. by location or fund) to better help you compare performance and prep for ESG reporting season. 

Tip: You could also use this feature to group your GRESB like-for-like population so you can track the performance of your fully operational buildings that have 24 months of data. 

  1. Identify and Investigate Variances

Understand the year-over-year variances by building and get ahead of potential data quality issues. When reviewing the variances, you may want to investigate why some percent changes seem high or low. There could be a multitude of reasons – the main one being data quality. This feature allows you to quickly spot the outliers and dig deeper to identify potential gaps in data.

Note: GRESB requires written explanations for “Like for Like” buildings that have a variance or percent change greater than 20% year over year. 

  1. Identify Laggards and Leaders

When data is complete and accurate, you can then start to identify the buildings that may require more attention (laggards) vs. the buildings that are running more efficiently (leaders), and take action accordingly. Displaying the laggards and leaders can inspire healthy competition and be a big motivator for site teams to initiate and carry out energy-saving projects.  

  1. Report Results

We've also made it easy to export to Excel, so you can take all the high-level data and manipulate it according to the specifications of your ESG reporting framework of choice, including GRESB, the Carbon Disclosure Project, SASB, and TCFD.

Portfolio Overview: Electricity Consumption Leaderboard

Identify Completed and Potential Efficiency Projects and Demonstrate Impact 

A key differentiator for Aquicore: not only do we help you track consumption and spend, but we also recommend projects that help you reduce consumption and spend. The Project Leaderboard allows you to do the following with all projects:

  1. Demonstrate Your Impact

At this highest level, you can clearly see what your efforts over the past year have accomplished. From here, you can click into each individual building to see the completed projects contributing to their energy performance. 

  1. Showcase Success. Rinse and Repeat 

Because you have a detailed record of each project, what you did to complete it, and how much you saved, you can use the completed projects as examples of successes. Ultimately, come budget season, these successes can help you make the case to complete additional projects at other buildings in your portfolio.

  1. Prioritize Efforts to Align with Portfolio-Wide Goals

If your organization has set any type of reduction target, you can easily view and accept recommended projects that can help you make progress towards your targets, right from the Aquicore homepage. 

  1. Report Results

Many reporting frameworks ask you to list out completed projects and their cumulative impact across your portfolio. We’ve rolled up all of that information for you so you don’t have to spend too much time in Excel slicing and dicing it the way each framework requires.  

Portfolio Overview: Project Leaderboard

As the old saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. And the business of ESG takes that saying very seriously. Our new features allow you to do just that by helping you manage performance and demonstrate impact at the highest portfolio level, without sacrificing the ability to drill into individual buildings and understand the specific conditions and projects driving performance and results at the top.  

Another common saying in the world of ESG is: “it takes a village.” As we know, ESG impacts virtually everyone at an organization, and our hope is that our updated portfolio- and building-level views can help engage the key players throughout yours. From executives interested in the big picture to the site teams focused on granular energy performance, our new features can help varied audiences effectively understand and contribute to ESG performance, feel rewarded for their successes, and find opportunities to continuously improve.

Thank you to all who provided invaluable customer feedback. More to come, so stay tuned!

Watch our Q3 2021 Product Launch Webinar, The Future of Aquicore, for a guided tour of these new features with Aquicore’s Founder & CEO, Logan Soya, and Chief Product Officer, Hemel Gandhi.