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Introducing AQ's New Employee Spotlight Series

Aquicore’s first employee spotlight highlights two employees at different stages in their careers working towards a common mission: creating global impact by connecting people to buildings. Morgan Felix, an Associate Project Engineer, and Alan Molleur, a Senior Engagement Manager, contribute to the success and growth of Aquicore and the clients we service.

Morgan, fresh out of college, was sourced by our People team from an alumni network and thought working for a company like Aquicore would be an interesting opportunity.

Alan heard about Aquicore through a colleague that attended a NAPE (National Association of Power Engineers) event; this colleague had encountered an opportunity and thought Alan would be a great fit. Alan researched Aquicore and was intrigued by the job description, so he reached out to the People team – and the rest is history!

This is a quick summary of who these two incredible Aquicorians are and what they do to help realize Aquicore’s vision.

As an Associate Project Engineer, Morgan is responsible for checking in on active orders, remaining in contact with contractors or building team members to coordinate and manage installations, and organizing hardware deliveries and site visits. Since orders are constantly being added to the delivery team’s pipeline, it is an ongoing cycle. Morgan also is in charge of managing cases for metering equipment installations with utility companies, and conducting research on their metering/data sharing capabilities.

Alan’s daily routine starts by checking on a client’s property for data flow. He looks for changes in consumption and checks on the status of data updates he's requested, and then he moves into generating client reports. Since Alan is new to his clients, he prioritizes gaining their trust, and doesn’t mind taking a bit longer to research what is needed to resolve the problem correctly (as correctness and accuracy are always his goal).

As a project engineer, Morgan solves the problems that apply to installation. She facilitates the deployment of our product and ensures that installation and setup run smoothly. Through working at Aquicore, Morgan has learned to think of the big picture aspect of a project rather than just individual duties. “With so many moving pieces, it is easy to get held up on a single task, but keeping the end goal in mind is the best way to drive yourself toward the completion of a project.”

Alan solves the problems that aren’t necessarily being realized. As an Engagement Manager, he looks for energy data that doesn’t make sense to him, given his knowledge of building operations. He follows that data until he is able to conclude that there is or isn't a questionable situation present. Alan then communicates his findings to the clients in order to help them take action to resolve the problem, or to clarify and explain why it isn’t a problem. This is all in an effort to save energy while keeping the client’s customers happy. Alan states that, “it’s never just ‘I’ - there is a lot of ‘we’ in our work, and each team member stands behind another, so we are all working for the benefit of the client.” 

At work, Morgan is inspired by knowing that her work impacts others and makes our world a little greener. She loves to help our customers by giving them the tools to make better, more sustainable decisions about their building operations. Her teammates also inspire her everyday by how driven they are. Her team is a constant reminder to stay on top of her game! 

Alan's inspiration comes from the people he calls friends and family. Watching the people he knows and respects struggle then succeed, cry then smile, all while portraying the power of resiliency, is what he finds inspirational. 

Morgan and Alan have two very different roles and are in very different stages of their career here at Aquicore. Yet, having different backgrounds and experience in this industry, their hard work exemplifies the mission of Aquicore by delivering knowledge through our product to our customers to help them efficiently run their buildings.