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Looking Back at the BOLD Awards 2015

Behind every great achievement are individuals who have the courage and talent to bring an idea into reality. Last year, we began a new tradition dedicated to formally recognizing and celebrating innovators in the real estate industry.

One night, and one stellar party, at the annual Building Optimizers Leaders and Disruptors (BOLD) Awards.

We believe that real estate professionals striving to improve the built environment go largely unrecognized for their efforts and accomplishments. Since the average american spends 87% of their life indoors, the quality of that environment really matters. So, together with Comfy, Enlighted and View, we created The BOLD Awards to spotlight individuals who are using technology to innovate and improve the built environment. These industry innovators and leaders are making our everyday surroundings more intelligent, more comfortable, and more efficient.

And the BOLD Awards Went to…

The Champion – Sara Neff, Vice President of Sustainability at Kilroy Realty Corporation

The Mentor – Russell Perry, Director of Sustainable Design at SmithGroupJJR

The Inventor – Davida Herzl, CEO & Co-Founder of Aclima.io

The Unsung Hero – William (Bill) Updike, Chief of the Green Building & Climate Branch, Department of Energy & the Environment, Government of the District of Columbia

The 2015 BOLD winners were selected from nearly 100 nominations across all facets of real estate. Finalists were evaluated by a panel of 8 expert judges environmental impact, human impact, and level of innovation.

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BOLD Awards Are Back for 2016!

This year, judges from USGBC, Generate Capital, Institute for Market Transformation, and William McDonough + Partners and more will select one winner from 4 categories: The Mentor, The Innovator, The Unsung Hero, and the Champion.

By popular demand, we’ve added a 5th category, “People’s Choice”. You and your peers decide by popular vote one person who deserves a BOLD Award from any of the eligible nominees. Vote for your choice at www.theboldawards.com/peopleschoice between September 15th and October 4th.

Winners will be announced on October 5th after the first day of GreenBuild International Conference & Expo in Los Angeles at an exclusive party hosted by the organizers.

Know someone that deserves to be on this list for 2016? Nominate them between now and September 7th! Voting for People’s choice opens September 15th.


Last years event was attended by 300+ of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry, and many have been counting down the days to return to this year’s event.

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This year, At the BOLD Awards, we’re continuing the tradition of fun. Join us for the best happy hour at Greenbuild for food, drinks and a celebration of accomplishments. Just like last year, we’re opting for bowling lanes & billiards iinstead of a red carpet at Lucky Strike LA Live. Bring your best game, challenge your friends, and win back some credibility from all those gutter-balls you threw last year! Register now and join the party before tickets run out! Use the promo code “FriendsofAquicore” for free admission.

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