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New Product Feature: Portfolio Targets

We’re excited to announce a major product update: Portfolio Targets, designed to help you set, track, manage, and achieve energy and carbon improvement targets across your portfolio. 

Below, we’ll walk through this latest feature and share practical use cases that can save you time and streamline your ESG program management. 

Why we built this 

With investors, regulators, and other stakeholders examining ESG commitments with increasing scrutiny, building a path to decarbonize is no longer optional. 

Maybe you’ve committed to a formal net zero target. Maybe you’re navigating the array of building performance standards and local ordinances that affect your assets. With 2025 and 2030 deadlines fast approaching, there’s no time to lose. 

Our Portfolio Targets feature supports comprehensive portfolio improvement target tracking, combining top-down target setting with bottoms-up planning and execution.

What you can do 

  • Set quantitative GHG and kWh reduction targets with configurable baseline years, property selection, and target years. 
  • You’re not limited to just one target – you can set multiple targets. This ensures you can manage performance in aggregate across your portfolio while also staying on top of individual funds or regions that may have their own goals and requirements.
  • Drill into a target and view the contribution of individual properties to see which are on track and which are falling behind. From there, you can use Aquicore’s Projects feature to view identified and planned sustainability projects that can help you build out your plan.

Here are three practical use cases for Portfolio Targets that you can apply today: 

Use Case 1: Haven’t Set a Target Yet? Test Drive Different Scenarios

Haven’t set a target yet and aren’t sure where to start? Portfolio Targets can help you trend and visualize performance, gauge the feasibility of different target dates, and rally internal stakeholders. 

In the below example, we see that a 2030 Net Zero target might be overly aggressive and we should experiment with either a longer timeline or a smaller target: 

Use Case 2: Connect Top-Down Targets with Bottoms-Up Execution

Let’s say you’ve set a target using Aquicore. From the target screen, you can easily drill into individual assets to see which are on track and which are off track (and thus might require a conversation with asset management about capital planning). 

Use Case 3: Benchmarking Compliance 

Own and/or operate assets in regulated markets? You can now use Aquicore to track mandatory targets in the regions and municipalities where you operate, configure them to apply only to the relevant assets in your portfolio, and verify at a glance that you’re trending to meet upcoming deadlines. 

Stream our launch webinar to hear from the Aquicore team and see a live demo of Portfolio Targets.