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Check Out Aquicore's New Features in Q1!

Aquicore has had an eventful start to the year! We’re continuing to bring new features online and new talent in the door. This quarter, we've added software features to support our ongoing hardware iteration process, redesigned tenant billing around the feedback that we’ve been collecting from users and revamped our user experience to make Aquicore easier and more intuitive to use!


Updated Inventorying


An updated inventory function makes it possible to map building meters and equipment in Aquicore’s platform to eliminate loose excel sheets and lost records. By keeping a central system of record of what’s happening in each building, we're making the system more resistant to mistakes or knowledge lost with turnover.

Anomaly Detection


Nothing is more painful than a sent invoice that results in a concerned client. Our new anomaly detection adds another layer of protection to the billing process by automatically double-checking for outliers before it generates your bills.

Tenant Billing


Updated workflows make reading meters and creating, approving and sending bills to tenants a breeze every month. Now supporting all the complex leasing structures you might encounter from New York to Hawaii!

Tenant Management

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 1.09.43 PM

Improved transparency tools help property managers to better communicate with tenants by breaking down utility consumption into easy-to-understand charts. Tenants who understand how their bills are calculated tend to be more satisfied with their lease and more likely to take action to conserve energy.

Fresh New Look


A simplified design makes it easier to navigate the Aquicore platform in fewer clicks and provides a more consistent experience overall. This means building teams new to the platform will have an easier time getting up and existing users will be able to get their work done faster.


We’ve been slowly rolling these features out to our customers and testing them every step of the way. If you’re already working with Aquicore, you’ll get an in-depth look at your next Quarterly Business Review.

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