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New Software Features? Oh Yes.

If you missed our big announcement a few weeks ago, check out the blog post on our self-install hardware. Today, we want to introduce you to a few new features that you can start using right away because they’re already active in the Aquicore platform!


Mobile Devices and Equipment Management

Our latest update to the Aquicore App lets you manage your devices, create meters in the platform and view your equipment right in the app. This is part of our self-install strategy to empower building engineers and reduce the cost and time of deploying new Aquicore meters across a portfolio. Once a device is created in Aquicore using the app, it’s easy to finish the commissioning process in the platform. (And for those who want to use the app for everything, mobile commissioning is in the works!)

One of the essential features here is “offline mode.” Because meters tend to be in awkward locations that get spotty cell service, we’ve designed the app to allow users to create devices without an internet connection. Create a meter in the app, save it, and when your phone reconnects to the internet, it'll be uploaded to the platform.


Mobile Alerts

In another crucial update, we’re bringing one of our most popular features - overage alerts - to the mobile app as well. Alerts let you know when a variable, like consumption or peak load, goes over a certain threshold so that you can take action immediately. This feature has been around in the desktop platform for a long time now, and it has saved customers countless headaches in averted overspends and malfunctions. On the mobile app, alerts will let you know what’s going on in your building wherever you are.

Mobile alerts can be configured for virtually any variable measured in the platform and work in one of three different ways. You can preset alerts to notify you if a variable goes above a hard threshold (i.e. if your building uses more than a certain number of kWh), if the variable strays too far outside of the rolling average or if it strays too far from Aquicore’s predictive models, which account for weather normalization and other factors.


Portfolio Reports

Finally, we’re excited to bring you a brand new feature: Portfolio Reports. These reports give asset managers and other executives a high-level snapshot of key operational and financial performance indicators once a month (or whenever you want). This is a great way to stay on top of your entire portfolio without having to dig through a ton of data.

In the standard configuration, portfolio reports start with a broad look at the entire portfolio before diving into any regional divisions for a quick comparison. Finally, they zoom into individual buildings for an overview of what’s going right and wrong for that building’s KPIs.

As you may have guessed, two of these features are going to require that you check out the mobile app to get the full experience. The good news? You can do that right now with a few clicks of a button: