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The CDC Released New Guidelines to Help You Reopen

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a series of decision trees meant to help businesses and workplaces decide when to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic. Most states have begun to ease stay-at-home orders and restrictions on businesses, kicking off the slow return to normal life.

The decision tree, made up of arrows, stop sign graphics and links to further resources, includes basic tips that can serve as a checklist for businesses before they reopen. Much of the guidance reflects advice that health officials have been repeating for months: the value of handwashing and social distancing, the need to protect more vulnerable populations, and the importance of regularly monitoring one’s health. 

As part of your building’s plan to reopen, you can share resources like this with your tenants and use them in your own planning for the return of your full property staff.

You can download this directly from the CDC’s website here.