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Q3 2021 Product Launch Webinar: The Future of Aquicore

We’re thrilled to announce a significant product milestone designed around our customers' feedback to better meet their needs. We've redesigned and reorganized Aquicore’s homepage and navigation to deliver an even better user experience that increases productivity and makes portfolio- and property-level insights more readily available.

Join Aquicore’s Founder & CEO, Logan Soya, Chief Product Officer, Hemel Gandhi, and Emily Christoff, an ESG strategist actively engaging real estate organizations on their ESG programs for a look at the future of Aquicore. We unveil our latest product updates, our reimagined portfolio homepage and streamlined navigation, and walk you through them in a guided tour.

We cover:

  • How Aquicore has evolved over the years through customer feedback
  • Aquicore’s future vision and what that means for our customers
  • How the Portfolio Navigation and Overview play an integral part in our mission to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial real estate
  • A live demo and Q&A with our panelists