The Annual ESG
Quick Start Guide

Whether you are just starting on your ESG journey or are a seasoned veteran, it is always a good idea to take a step back and consider the bigger picture.

Though there are many excellent ESG resources for real estate professionals out there, we noticed that one is missing: the step-by-step process to follow year after year that grounds your organization’s ESG program and ensures every box is checked. So we set out to write it.

You might be a newbie to ESG, or you might be an old hand, but we’re confident that the practical advice put forth in this guide can help you on your journey either way.

An easy-to-follow process:


Solidify Your ESG Strategy


Allocate Resources


Prioritize ESG Topics


Take Action


Set ESG Goals


Measure Progress


Develop an Action Plan


Report Impact

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Kick start or refine your ESG program with
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Inside, you'll find...

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A guided, step-by-step annual process

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ESG program exercises and examples

ESG tools and additional resources

Take control of your portfolio's
ESG strategy